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“Do not follow the ways of the crowd for a generous life is through fire and stone.” - Chon Sua

The proverb of this unknown wise man has made us marry our life and livelihood to his knowledge. We are reminded of walking through the night market in Chiang Mai and seeing a wife crushing spices to throw into her husband’s hot wok. All the while, his flaming pan is wrestling with the noodles and vegetables that are all about to become one. He swings his arms back and forth in opposite directions and quickly sets the wok on the fire one more time before sliding his dish onto the broken plate with his chopsticks. His customer receives the dish, takes a bite and gives a sigh of pure joy. The wife and husband excitedly hugged their guest. And it did not matter which food stall you went to in those streets, because life was good. When you eat good and you drink good, you live good. You see, the stone grates and opens the way to the heart. Then fire refines the love and allows it to be felt and seen. These were the best memories we remember growing up and they direct our life now. So when we cook for you - we bring you into our home, our heart, our life. Welcome home.


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